Hyperbaric oxygen therapy clearly stated being a cure manner by which the individual is totally enclosed in a very worry chamber breathing oxygen at a anxiety increased than just one individual atmosphere. Breathing 100% oxygen at a single certain tmosphere or making use of oxygen outside a pressurized chamber are certainly not considered to be hyperbaric oxygen.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a technique in which only one particular patient is placed and pressurized oxygen is applied in to the chamber. Entry to the affected person is made from he outdoors by means of ports and pass-through.

In the hypoxic environment, wound healing is halted by lowered fibroblast proliferation collagen creation, and capillary angiogenesis. Hypoxia also causes it to be achievable for growth of anaerobic organisms, added complicating wound healing.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy assists to reinforce in tissue oxygenation while in the hypoperfused, infected wound. It influences the price of collagen deposition, angiogenesis, and bacterial clearance in wounds. The greatest positive areas are attained in tissues with compromised blood stream and oxygen give.

Pursuing wounds could be healed by H.B.O therapy-

1.Diabetic wounds–

The enhanced wound oxygen stress accomplished with HBO encourages wound therapeutic, boosts the host antimicrobial defenses and has a immediate bacteriostatic influence on anaerobic microorganism.

2.Venous stasis ulcers–

It is just indicated in massively picked people in the preparing of a granulating bed much more than debrided venous ulcer for eventual pores and skin grafting.

3. Strain ulcers–

HBO therapy could possibly be of advantage in picked out conditions, especially when a wound fails to mend in spite of maximum revascularization.

4. Arterial insufficiency ulcers–

HBO therapy may be of benefit in picked out conditions, significantly any time a wound fails to mend in spite of most revascularization


HBO therapies are done at two. to 25 ATA for 90 to a hundred and twenty minutes of oxygen breathing. The Original remedy agenda is dictated from the severity with the illness strategy. In the presence of limb-threatening an infection appropriate after debridement or compromised surgical flaps adhering to amputation the affected individual has to be addressed twice on a daily basis. When the infection is beneath take care of and the delicate tissue envelope increases, as soon as daily therapies are ample.