The therapy of obesity with bariatric surgery is a normally accomplished and hugely productive process for creating huge amounts of weight loss. (> 100 pounds) This has led to a huge population of such weight loss individuals searching for physique contouring surgery to deal with their hanging skin challenges. A lot of of the physique contouring surgery alternatives (e.g., circumferential physique lift, breast lifts, arm lifts, thigh lifts) involve huge amounts of skin removal with resultant extended incisions and a lot of wound surface location to heal.

Such wound healing demands call for a patient to have excellent nutrition to give all the essential nutrients to make new tissue and mend the wound edges. However, quite a few bariatric individuals have chronic nutritional deficiencies secondary to their gastric bypass process with altered absorptive capabilities. Such poorly nourished individuals can be really hard to detect prior to surgery unless they are portion of an ongoing plan of management from their original bariatric center or household doctor. Physique contouring surgery has a important incidence of wound challenges such as minor to a lot more important wound separations, seromas (fluid collections), and incisional challenges secondary to suture reactions. These challenges are undoubtedly magnified and a lot more serious when the patient's nutritional status is not best.

Mainly because of the nutritional challenges through the period of weight loss, bariatric individuals should really not take into consideration physique contouring surgery for at least 12 to 18 months soon after their gastric bypass process. Even when maximal weight loss is accomplished, quite a few bariatric individuals will have nutritional challenges. Most prevalent amongst them are protein-calorie, vitamin (A, B, C and folate), and mineral (iron and zinc) deficiencies. Excellent each day needs for excellent healing soon after physique contouring surgery consist of protein (70 – 75 grams), vitamin A (25,000 units), vitamin B12 (500 ug), folate (400ug), vitamin C (two grams), iron (100mg), and zinc. (20mg) A amazing post on the nutritional demands of the postbariatric patient undergoing physique contouring surgery is readily available in the December 2008 situation of the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery by Drs. Agha-Mohammadi and Hurwitz.

To obtain this level of supplentation, multivitamins and protein drinks and bars might be sufficient in some situations. For quite a few individuals, having said that, this oral method might not be adequate. Fot this cause, there are readily available formulated supplements one of a kind to the demands of the bariatric patient such as ProMend (Bariatric Benefit, Irvine, CA) and ProCare Surgical Formula (NutrEssential, Wilmington, CA) These formulas bring to the table the essential vitamins as effectively as protein, free of charge amino acids, arginine, and glutamine which are critical constructing blocks for new tissue formation. ProCare is preferred as it comes in a powder kind which is greater absorbed in the gastric bypass patient as opposed to tablets.

The postbariatric patient is a one of a kind surgical patient due to the fact of the magnitude of the procedures and their generally compromised nutritional circumstance. Oral vitamin and protein supplementation should really be began 1 month prior to most physique contouring surgeries and continue for 1 month soon after. Though this will not eradicate all wound complications, it will reduce the quantity that happen and the length of time that any wound complications will take to heal.