The public awareness and recognition of “Cosmetic Vaginal Rejuvenation” has been steadily expanding for a quantity of years. But there are nevertheless misconceptions and misunderstandings about what CVR is genuinely all about. There are these who assume that CVR is only for sexual purposes (not accurate!) or taboo basically since it takes place to involve a sexual portion of the physique. There are also quite a few people today who do not comprehend that these varieties of procedures have just as significantly validity and worth in assisting a woman’s self-esteem, physique image and spirit as does any other cosmetic process such as liposuction, tummy tucks or breast implants!

Several ladies are troubled by protruding, exposed and enlarged inner labia (labia minora) which can create for the duration of adolescence, right after labor/childbirth or with the aging course of action. In some cases the inner labia can be rather asymmetric with a single side especially lengthy and drooping down. Prominent inner labia generally create substantial self-consciousness and embarrassment for the duration of intimate moments. But quite a few ladies also report troubles with chronic irritation, burning, discomfort with quite a few activities (such as sex, sports, or exercising) and issues/discomfort with quite a few varieties of clothes. A labiaplasty is a hugely prosperous process for alleviating most, if not all, of these troubles. A labiaplasty is the most typically performed CVR process and commonly heals immediately, practically invisibly and with tiny discomfort.

Several ladies have restricted or inadequate size of the outer labia (labia majora), generally in conjunction with enlarged inner labia. The outer labia appear also thin or flat– this can take place from birth (congenital) or create progressively with standard aging. Females really feel unattractive and unsexy since the vagina appears “old”. Fat injection/sculpting methods–the similar methods we use to plump up the lips or the cheeks or to improve the buttocks “Brazilian Butt Lift” style–can be applied to restore correct volume and shape to the outer labia as effectively. This is a basic process employing one’s personal physique fat and basic injections, no incisions or scars, and has a pretty straightforward recovery. This process is generally combined with a labiaplasty.

Females regularly ask if we can use liposuctioning methods to diminish a prominence/fullness of a “puffy” region of the reduced abdomen, just above the private region, recognized to physicians as the “mons pubis”. This region may well also appear like it could use a tiny “lift” as it may perhaps have sagged down a bit with time or right after possessing kids. Sagginess, puffiness and a droopy look to the mons pubis and vaginal region tends to make a lady really feel like she is “out of shape” and sexually unappealing. A basic pubic lift/tightening and/or a mons pubis liposuction recontouring to lift, tighten and thin out the puffiness is pretty well-liked. We generally incorporate these improvements as important components of a much more common physique recontouring process such as liposuction of the abdomen and waist or a tummy tuck. A tighter, lifted and non-puffy appear to the vagina is a younger, sexier and happier state of affairs!

These are reputable, satisfying cosmetic procedures that genuinely support ladies really feel improved about themselves and support enhance their self-esteem–and that is what CVR (and all of Cosmetic Surgery for that matter!) is genuinely all about.